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Dr. Joffe's practice and professional protocol is based on scientific research on empirically-based proven treatments that work for specific populations, presenting problems, and support systems. Her general approach to working with anxiety related conditions is cognitive-behavior therapy. Dr. Joffe utilizes a comprehensive approach to working with neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHD. She works with patients, their families, schools, and other environments involved with the patient. Dr. Joffe also utilizes what she calls "an ecologically-based" approach to working with Selective Mutism, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, and other conditions. She is also available for consultation to schools, places of work, hospitals, and other environments for multicultural competency aspects places of work and health related environments.

This practice is not limited to a singular mode of treatment. The type of treatment provided will depend on the specific case, the problem presented, and the patient's willingness to become involved with a variety of treatment modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral approaches including participation of family members and other people and settings (such as school, extended family members). 

It is always important to evaluate the best avenues to increase the probability of success in therapy. When treating children, strong emphasis is given to consultation and connection of different services and connections significant in the child's life: It is often helpful to communicate with school personnel, and with the referral source (for instance, the pediatrician), in order to provide a multimodal approach to helping patients improve their level of psychological functioning. Families of patients are invited to become involved as active members of treatment also. All communication between the therapist and indivduals and institutions are only initiated after the patient (and/or his/her guardian) givens written permission to do so.

Dr. Joffe is a Certified PCIT Therapist and PCIT-SM from PCIT International. 

Dr. Joffe is committed to providing the most effective intervention to clients in the least intrusive way, and to helping patients and their significant others develop alternative ways to dealing with difficulties so that they can feel able to cope with future challenges.


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