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from:           vera joffe, ph.d., p.a.
subject:     suppport meeting for parents of children with selective mutism
date:            please call for dates for meetings
cc:                  PHYSICIANS, EDUCATORS
Support meeting for parents with children with Selective mutism
free of charge, but participants have to rsvp
(meeting for the adults only: we do not have baby sitters on site)
By Dr vera joffe, Ph.d.
date: please, call the office
TIME: 6:45 p.m. (1 ½ hour Seminar)
where: Dr. Vera joffe’s office
10167 nw 31st street suite 202
Dr. Vera Joffe has been working in the area of Selective Mutism for a few years. She is a member of the Selective Mutism Organization, and she has written a book for children and their families about Selective Mutism. Dr. Joffe will be presenting about Selective Mutism in two National Conferences this year: The American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She also wrote a chapter about Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety for a book that was published in Brazil last year on Childhood Anxiety Disorders.
Dr. Joffe give a brief introduction about Selective Mutism, and she will focus on the area PREVENTION and in preparation for the start of a new academic year with developing a cooperative, team work approach with school, families, and other professionals involved in the treatment and management of Selective Mutism for children.

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