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Social Skills Group

The Social Skills Group is a series of group sessions for children who have difficulty with social skills, such as eye contact, sharing, talking turns speaking, controlling emotions, handling frustration, learning social cues from other people while relating to them, understanding semantics, pragmatics of language, etc. The group sessions are based on Dr. Tony Attwood's Social Skills training program. Each group session is structured and includes role-playing and projects.

The Social Skills Groups will benefit children who have been diagnosed with:

  • High Functioning Autism
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • PDD

Psychoeducational Training Classes for Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders

The goals of this group are to:

  1. To increase the parents' knowledge about developmental disorders, such as ADHD and related conditions.
  2. To provide a forum where parents of special needs children can speak freely about common questions and concerns.
  3. To provide information and strategies for treatment.
  4. To provide information and strategies for management behavior at home and at school.


from:           vera joffe, ph.d., p.a.
subject:     meeting for parents of children with selective mutism
date:            please call for dates for meetings
cc:                  PHYSICIANS, EDUCATORS
Dr. Vera Joffe has been working in the area of Selective Mutism for a few years. She is a member of the Selective Mutism Organization, and she has written a book for children and their families about Selective Mutism. Dr. Joffe has presented about Selective Mutism in National as well as Internatioanl Conferences on S.M. : The American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She also wrote a chapter about Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety for a book that was published in Brazil last year on Childhood Anxiety Disorders. Dr. Joffe also published a book on S.M. for families, teachers, and children which is now in the Second Edition.
Dr. Joffe will give a brief introduction about Selective Mutism, and she will focus on the area PREVENTION and in preparation for the start of a new academic year with developing a cooperative, team work approach with school, families, and other professionals involved in the treatment and management of Selective Mutism for children.

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