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I just attended the APSARD conference which is still going on for a second day. One of the most valuable presentations for a clinician in private practice working with children and families was the one by Lisa Thorell from the Karolinska Institute. Her presentation titled: “ADHD Parent Training and Parenting during COVID-19” showed results of a study on the effect of COVID-19 pandemic in families with a child with a mental health disorder in various European countries. Among very significant results it was found that only 30% of the school work was being done by the children as opposed to 48% of the work, which was done directly with a parent, and only 14% was done while in contact with a teacher. There was also more parental stress due to homeschooling, and also increase use of alcohol, and concerns about their children not learning and some parents stating that they did not know how to help their children. I think that this study should be viewed by governments of all countries and by the WHI to help accelerate vaccination of teachers. If teachers can return more safely to schools, then children will also be able to return to learning in person, and parents will be able to go back to a somewhat more ideal environment to work. Note that most families who are significantly affected by their children not being able to go to schools are the ones in most need for parents returning to their place of work. If someone can see the clear and transparent chain of interventions that need to be done in order to get us back to a better place, please, vaccinate teachers (and all the people who work for schools)!



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