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Dear Parents of children with Selective Mutism, Anxiety and other conditions. After so many months of Social Isolation and (for older children) having attended school on Zoom, many parents feel discouraged about their children’s improvements and opportunities for continuing work with anxiety, Selective Mutism, and other symptoms. However, I would like to give you some clues and suggestions for some strategies for this time when we know for sure that your child’s physical participation in  school will not resume until next academic year. I am having a Zoom meeting these coming weeks. In order for you to participate, you need to send me an email confirming, and I will send you a link to Zoom. Note that I will not discuss any child in specific but give you general suggestions. As you know, if you would like to have a meeting to discuss your particular case, then we can schedule it separately. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Topic: How to continue working with my child with Selective Mutism, Anxiety, and other symptoms during the COVID-19 Health Emergency?

Day: Tuesdays at 7 pm

How to enroll: Please, email Dr. Joffe at

Platform: Zoom 

Vera Joffe Ph.D. ABPP

Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

Licensed in FL, NY

PCIT Certified Therapist


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