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Dear Parents of Children with Selective Mutism and Anxiety Disorders


We had a couple of meetings with parents over the last three weeks. They were very informative and parents continued to implement skills and strategies to help their children decrease anxiety about speaking in front of certain people, even in front of a camera during class, during a conversation with family from far away, among other situations. 


It is also important to continue some of the work that we do with parents and with the children during this very difficult times. So, there are some strategies that we can apply in a Zoom or similar meeting with your child and with you. I have continued working with some children and adolescents with their progress to eventually generalize to the school and other situation when social isolation ends. Even if we are not going to have school until the end of this year, it is important to continue the work with your children and your family during these difficult stages of our lives. 


Please, call me for an appointment if you can, and I wish you health

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