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Dear Parents and Teachers of Children with Selective Mutism and Anxiety

I will be having a meeting this coming Sunday with parents to start the conversation about preparation for school. As you may have heard from me and from my colleagues in the field of SM and anxiety, it is imperative that we take some measures and put in action some strategies to help prepare your child (and the educational team at school) to have a more comfortable experience in the beginning of the school year. Please, RSVP for how many people will be coming. You are welcome to invite your child’s teacher (for this coming year) but please, let me know as well. Thank you, Vera Joffe, Ph.D. ABPP
Place: Dr. Vera Joffe’s office
Where: 10167 NW 31st Street Suite 202 Coral Springs FL 33065
RSVP: Please, send me an email to for confirmation and number of people present
Day: August 1, 2019
Time: noon to 1
Please, this is a meeting just for the parents and teachers, not for the children yet. I have been having meetings for children of different ages and I would love to include your child in one of them if you do not have one yet. Sincerely, Vera Joffe, Ph.D. ABPP
PS: If you are unable to be present personally, you can contact me and I will attempt to have you join us via the internet. 

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