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Dear Readers: I just participated today in a webinar given by the American Psychological Association when I learned about the association between time that teenagers spend on social media and the increase of depression and anxiety in this population. The presenter made several suggestions in the end to help families have more time without electronics, and I would like to suggest again that people try to "Unplug". I am going to participate in the National Day of Unplugging as part of a National Campaign. I mentioned in previous posts that I will have an event in my office on Friday, May 1st, in the morning. This is for parents to come to the office to learn more about it, as the National Day of Unplugging starts on March 1st at Sun Down. Please, if you are interested in learning more about the event in my office please, contact me via email to for more information, and go to my website as well
Also, you can learn more about the National Day of Unplugging by going to the website
Although the organization is related to keeping the Shabbat for people who observe the Jewish tradition, the National Day of Unplugging would be beneficial to all people. Please, stay tuned to more information about the need for teenagers to unplug to have real time and real contact (and eye contact) with others. Vera Joffe, Ph.D. ABPP

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