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I just visited Dr. Trupkin, Dr. Wilentz and the wonderful professional staff at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Trupkin was my children's pediatric dentist from the time we moved to Florida (elementary school) to the moment they finished college. I recently wrote a book about visiting the dentist (which Dr. Trupkin and Wilentz reviewed). We met yesterday to talk about children's health, oral health, mental health, and family health. I was so pleased to know that this wonderful group goes beyond just "taking care of children's oral health". They focus on the whole child, family, and they really care about their patients. Thank you for having the chance to talk to all of you, and looking forward to working together in helping families with their health, oral health, mental health. PS: The book is already available at Amazon in Portuguese, and it will be available in English in about 1 week. The book is also availalbe in my website. 

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