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Parenting 101:

We had our first Parenting Seminar in my office last night.

Parents participated in the conversation and they learned that each child is different, just like “snow flakes”.  Dr. Joffe spoke about the words that were not functional or useful to use when describing children, such as “lazy”. In addition, when looking at any behavioral difficulties with families, one has to take into account many factors, including the interaction between parents and children (and not just look the child as having “the” problem), the child’s strengths and possible difficulties, as well as the conditions that are maintaining the child in the undesirable situation that the parents described. For instance, there are a lot of children who have anxiety whose parents “accommodate” them for their fears. An example comes from field of Selective Mutism (one of my specialties): Parents would like their children to speak, but when in a public situation (at the restaurant, for instance), they order for their children, and thus they reward their behavior of avoiding an anxiety –driven situation. Finally, we spoke about parents’ own difficulties that may create a barrier and may be contributing to the difficulties in their interactions with their children.

We hope that other parents will enroll in the Parenting Seminar. Please, do not hesitate to call Dr. Joffe if you would like to participate in future Seminars. or call the office (954)341-4441

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