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January 2018: New Groups for Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety


Winter Break: January 2nd to January 5th      

Where: Dr. Joffe’s Office

When: 10 to 12 am : Children who are in Preschool and Elementary School

When: 4  to    6 pm:   Pre-adolescents and adolescents


Goal: To work on increasing levels of comfort in social situations and in social communication with others the same age and also with adults in various settings and activities


How to enroll: Email Dr. Joffe or call her at 954-341-4441 and leave a message with your interest.


Groups will be formed according to age and according to each individual’s level of SocialAanxiety and/or Selective Mutism level of severity


For families and children who have not been seen before, Dr. Joffe will have a meeting with the parents and with the child initially to determine if the child will benefit from the week-long group.



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