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Summer Parenting Group for Parents of Children with ADHD, Defiant Behaviors, Behavior Difficulties, and Low Levels of Frustration Tolerance



Dear Parents


Some of you are getting ready to send your children to Camp. Others have already sent their children to camp, and some of the children will return after one session in the middle of July. Some children may have gone on a trip with you, and others may be in Day Camp during the summer. Other families choose to just enjoy the summer without having to have a strict and structured schedule, so the children do not participate in any scheduled activities during the day.


No matter what your children are doing during the summer, it is definitely a more relaxed time for parents.


I would like to offer you to participate in a Group Parenting Class for parents of children who are either having behavioral difficulties, difficulty in modulating their frustrations, and children who have ADHD and other conditions associated with that, including anxiety.


We will have the classes during the next two weeks in July. So, please, contact me as soon as possible to register, and with preferences for times of the day.


The format of the class will be informative and experiential. There are basically three elements in the Parenting Classes: 1. Parents will learn basic concepts of child development, 2. Parents will learn objective and concrete tools to interacting with their children, 3. Parents will role-play the skills that they learn with each other.  There is active participation of the parents, including role-play during the week in between the Parenting Classes.


If your children are at home during the duration of the Parenting Class, then we will include a 4th step to the program: To put in practice what you learn during the group meetings every week.


Why am I offering this class during the summer? After all, you want to relax and not think about “charts”, “schedules”, and “bed time” struggles (including electronic time). However, it is actually because you may be more relaxed during the summer that you may benefit from these classes more.


Please, call me to enroll in the classes. I may offer one during the noontime and another one during the evening for the next couple of weeks. I will try to accommodate as much as I can all the parents who write back and who are interested. In addition, I will offer the classes in Coral Springs and in Aventura. And, of course, these classes will be offered again in the Fall, including in Portuguese for the parents who are originally from Brazil and do not speak English fluently.


If you live far from the South Florida area and still would like to participate, I will include a few parents in classes and presentations via a secure web communication tools.


The price for the classes will be significantly lower than regular meetings with parents due to the fact that we will have more than one set of parents during meetings.




Vera Joffe, Ph.D. ABPP

Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

Licensed Psychologist (FL, NY)

PCIT Therapist (PCIT International)



If you are interested in participating in these classes:


Please, send me an email with:



Best telephone to contact you:

I live in:    

I would like to attend the parenting classes in: Aventura, Coral Springs, or via the Web.

I would like to attend the class during: the summer    the fall

Availability for classes (4 minimum): morning, afternoon, evening (what time)

One or two parents: 

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