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I would like to write about Car Seat safety today. For the second time in less than one year I was very thankful to Mr. Robert Bertone from the Fire Department in Coral Springs for installing two car seats in my car today. Mr. Bertone is the Public Education Officer and Grants Coordinator at the Fire Department in Coral Springs (Coral Springs drive).  Mr. Bertone works with education and prevention of accidents in many different levels. If you live in Coral Springs, and you are planning to purchase a car seat (or if you have one already and you are not sure if it is properly installed), you can call the Fire Department and make an appointment for an inspection of your car seat or to help you install a car seat.


Mr. Bertone knows most models of car seats. He also knows that some models are not appropriate anymore (you can see the model expiration on a sticker in the car seat) as more research has improved the safety of car seats.


Mr. Bertone will explain to you what position of the car seat you should put (rear-facing seats versus forward-facing seats), and also where the harness straps should be placed, the position of the child’s head, and the harness clip and straps positions as well. All these features would depend on the child’s age, weight, and height. Mr. Bertone also provided a booklet published by the USAA Educational Foundation.


I thank Mr. Bertone, his staff, (including Ralph Troino and Harold Alcalde),  the Coral Springs Fire Department, and the City of Coral Springs for providing such good programs for prevention of accidents in a city that is becoming more and more a great place for young families to live and to enjoy.


            Thus, no matter where you live, please, make sure that your babies and children are using car seats that are correctly installed in your car.



                        Vera Joffe, Ph.D. ABPP

                        Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

                        Licensed Psychologist (FL, NY)

                        PCIT Certified Therapist



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